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English Conversation on Car Insurance

Hi Sara, What’s up?

Nice car by the way.

Hi Adam, Thanks.

I bought it just a few days ago.

Great, and what about your old car?

Oh Adam, don’t you know?

It was damaged in an accident, so I had to
sell it out.

I’m sorry to hear that.

You must insure your new car to get financial
protection against any type of damage.

Do you have one?

Yes dear, I have.

Can you guide me about that?

I really know nothing about it.

Certainly, I can guide you, but a car insurance
agent can do this in a far better way.

As there is more than one type of auto insurance,
the agent can suggest the most suitable one

for your car.


That’s great.

If you have your car registration and ownership
documents with you, we can visit the car insurance

agent right now at “The Secured Vehicles.”

They are the best in the town as far as quality
of service and prices are concerned.

Yes, I have the documents in my car.

Wonderful, let’s move then.

Good morning, Mr. Lucas.

Good morning sir, how can I help you?

This is my friend Sarah, she wants car insurance.

She needs basic information about the different
types of car insurance, prices, the procedure

to follow, etc.

Sure, It’ll be my pleasure.

We offer basically two types of car insurance

Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Can you kindly explain the difference between
the two?

Collision insurance helps to cover the damage
to your car after an accident with another

vehicle and can also aid you in repairing
or replace a covered vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance provides greater protection
as it helps to pay for damage to your car

due to incidents other than collisions, like
vandalism, weather incidents, and accidents

involving animals.

What would you suggest for me, Mr. Lucas?

I mean which type of insurance should I buy?

I would like to have a look at your car documents
before giving any recommendations.

Yeah, sure.

As you have a brand new car, I must advise
you to get a comprehensive plan.

It’ll suit you better, covering all types
of repairing costs.

Ok, I’ll think over it.

Thanks for your help.

Yeah sure, take your time, and here is our

Take it with you, it contains all the relevant
information you need for choosing a package

like pricing, payment plan, etc.

Moreover, you can get this information from
our website too.

Alright, I’ll be back in one or two days
to get the insurance.

Good Day
You are always welcome.

Take care.

Bye, Mr. Lucas.