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“Full Coverage” Car Insurance Explained Today

“Full Coverage” Car Insurance Explained Today:- People often say they want full coverage car 
insurance, but what exactly does that mean? 

Well, full coverage car insurance is kind of like 
Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. It doesn’t exist.

But that doesn’t stop lots of people 
from telling you exactly what they think  

full coverage is all about. Here’s the thing! 
Everyone has different assets they need to protect  

and different financial priorities. As a result, 
the particular mix of insurance coverage that’s  

right for a single 30-year-old, for example, 
won’t be the same as what’s needed by a married  

breadwinner with two kids. To help you determine 
what constitutes full coverage in your case, let’s  

look at the six major types of car insurance.
Liability insurance is the one type everyone  

must carry. It protects other people 
when you’re responsible for an accident,  

paying medical bills, and covering the cost 
of repairs to damaged vehicles and property. 

Collision insurance covers your 
vehicle in the event of an accident  

even if you’re the one at fault. It’s a 
requirement for getting a car loan or lease,  

but optional otherwise. Comprehensive insurance 
protects your car against non-accident damage  

resulting from things like theft, 
falling objects, or natural disasters.  

It’s usually purchased in combination with 
collision insurance and like collision insurance,  

it’s required if you get an auto loan or lease.
As the name suggests uninsured and underinsured  

motorist coverage protects you if you’re harmed 
by a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance  

to cover all of your losses. Depending on where 
you live, you may be required to get this type  

of insurance even if it’s optional. It’s very 
affordable and provides important protection. 

Now, let’s talk about medical bills. If you’re 
injured in an accident they can stack up quickly,  

but personal injury protection coverage, sometimes 
called no-fault insurance, can help with these  

costs. It makes your medical bills get paid 
quickly no matter who is at fault, and it helps  

with other expenses like lost income, child care, 
or even a funeral. Personal injury protection is  

mandatory in 15 states, but even where it’s not 
required you may still be able to purchase it. 

In some states, there’s a different 
form of insurance for medical expenses.  

Medical Payments Coverage or Med Pay is similar to 
personal injury protection but is more limited in  

scope. Unlike personal injury protection, it won’t 
pay for lost income or other no medical expenses,  

but it does cover accident-related medical bills 
for you and your passengers, supplementing other  

insurance coverage by paying any deductibles, 
and co-pays. To make sure you’re fully covered,

start by getting the minimum insurance coverage 
required by your state and then tack on as much  

liability insurance as you can afford. From 
there, prioritize different types of supplemental  

insurance coverage based on how much your car is 
worth and what kind of health insurance you have. 

For more information on insurance options, 
or to join the conversation on this topic,  

visit Wallethub’s full 
coverage car insurance page.

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