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Cloud Storage Providers, – Best Cloud  Storage for Business,

Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business, What is Cloud Storage, and Which is the best cloud storage for photos and videos? and cloud storage for business, cheapest cloud storage, for which cloud storage providers, will give you many free cloud storage, options. and benefits of Microsoft cloud storage,

Today I’ll be guiding you through the best that cloud storage has to offer in our annual best cloud storage roundup.

We update this list every year with the latest information, so stick around for all the updates on the top cloud storage providers today if you want to get the latest news on cloud storage.

So we hope to give you the best possible picture of the cloud storage landscape. Full disclosure: Let’s start without further ado.

What is Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage isn’t the most complicated thing in the world? It really only needs to do a couple of things well.

It needs to store your files and keep them secure, sync them across all your devices for remote access, and let you share your files.

But how service does these things is What extra goodies are included makes all the difference.

price is also a factor to consider, especially when you are on a budget.

Now, I want to preface this with a little note on whether you need cloud storage at all, so if you’re definitely sure that you need a cloud storage service, feel free to skip straight to the list using the but Anyway, first I want to say that cloud storage is not for everyone.

Not everyone needs cloud storage. If you need to back up a lot of files and don’t plan on touching them for a long time, you’ll probably be better off going with an online backup service instead.

For example, Backblaze gives you unlimited backup space and that’s something that cloud source services just don’t really do.

At least not personal cloud solutions. If you want the quick access that cloud storage gets you but you also need unlimited storage well.

cloud storage, MEGA,

Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business,
Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud Storage for Business,

For pricing with MEGA, we are talking 4.99 per month for 400 gigs of storage; 9.99 for two terabytes; 19.99 for eight terabytes; and then 29.99 for 16 terabytes; and all of that pricing is in euros because, well, that’s just all the bill in.

And another interesting concept here, which I haven’t seen for quite a while now, caps on transferred data.

For example, on the 400-gigabyte storage tier, you can transfer one terabyte of data per month.

On the two terabytes, then you get two terabytes of data transfer and so forth. Is it a problem? Probably not for most people.

But the fact that they have a cap would then seem to indicate it was a problem for them at some point.

Based on my understanding of MEGA and some nifty Googling, I believe MEGA has historically been used to help people share things like pirated films, TV shows, and music, so it would be a case that maybe someone would just basically use MEGA to host a very, very cheap unlimited download service.

Thus, the caps, which then make perfect sense. Privacy is one worth covering here, as MEGA has privacy and security at the forefront of all of its marketing and all over the website.

With MEGA, your data is encrypted on your device, and MEGA has no way to decrypt it. Though it’s worth mentioning that I can’t find any third-party audits or tests to really test this curious unencryption.

But, what I did here is I delved deep into some Reddit discussions where MEGA themselves got involved in the discussion and claimed they didn’t need an independent audit because when they do share, what they do share, is the full source code of the client apps.

So people can really look at the code themselves and see how it’s dealing with all those privacy concerns.

In their own security paper, MEGA states they are “a secure cloud storage and communication platform” with user-controlled end-to-end encryption.

“End-to-end encryption means that no intermediary,” not even MEGA, “has access to the user’s encryption keys,” therefore the data stored.”

MEGA is currently the only major cloud storage provider supporting browser access to end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

So, from a security perspective, this looks like a really strong contender.

And they also seemed pretty active on their own subreddit and willing to answer questions and get stuck into discussions, which I think is just great to see when these large businesses invest time in really talking to their customers.

A quick mention around those block-level uploads, which MEGA doesn’t offer, so any small changes to large files will require the whole file to be re-uploaded.

Possibly only really an issue for you if you’re constantly working on those large files and making small changes quite often, maybe with a poor internet connection.

From a sharing perspective, you can share with anybody, though if you do want them to have any form of editing permission, then they will need their own MEGA account.

Over to backup and retention. There’s no clear information I can see about the data specifically being backed up, but they do have file versioning, which stores older copies of files, though again, no real information on how many versions or for how long.

When talking about where MEGA stores all of your data, it is in Europe or in other countries, which will satisfy your GDPR requirements. Interestingly, none of your files are stored in or accessible from the United States.

Other than that, and as I’m not a MEGA user myself, it’s near impossible to find any reliable information.

Searching for the MEGA outage, of course, just brings up loads of posts about the mega outages of 2020.

And MEGA doesn’t have its own status page where you can see historic information, but I couldn’t see any reported issues, so maybe take that with a pinch of salt.

So in summary, for me, for MEGA, it’s actually kind of an interesting service with a very different approach to the big players in the market.

cheapest cloud storage

Cloud Storage Providers, best cloud storage for business,
Cloud Storage Providers, best cloud storage for business,

I have a personal recommendation for people who are new to cloud storage, and really, the service has only gotten better with time, but let’s start with the basics.

At least for personal use, is probably the most secure cloud storage service. At least for personal use, your entire storage is covered by zero-knowledge encryption.

Cloud Storage Providers,Best Cloud  Storage for Business,
Free$0Get startedSolo Basic$8 / month Buy nowSolo Pro$20 / month Buy nowTeams Standard$6 / user/month Buy nowTeams Unlimited$15 / user/month Buy now
 Storage5 GB 2 TB 6 TB 1 TB Unlimited New
 Users1112+ 2+
Cloud Storage Providers, – Best Cloud  Storage for Business,

This is essentially the gold standard for cloud storage security because it means that no one but you can see your files, not even

It also stores your files in Canada, unlike most of the bigger players that store data in the U.S.

This is pretty important for privacy as the US isn’t exactly known for its data privacy laws.

Apart from that, you also get versioning for up to 365 days, which basically lets you recover a file if you delete it or change it from a year ago.

Trust me, if you work a lot with documents, you’ll be glad to have that feature, and if you need to collaborate in sharing files, is one of the best services for that.

There are a lot of granular controls for who can see and edit shared files, who can contribute to folders, etc., and you get a lot of that for free. Dropbox, for example, makes you pay for any kind of sharing control.

The major downside to the free plan is that you can only have three active sharing links at any given time.

Though you still get password protection and internet encryption for those links, what’s most impressive to me is one recent change they added in 2021, and that’s Microsoft Office integration. now lets you create and edit office documents online, and this includes word, excel, and PowerPoint files. You can also collaborate on these files with other users.

To actually edit documents, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, and that brings us to the point of pricing. is one of the most affordable cloud services out there.

You get a pretty impressive two terabytes of storage for just eight dollars a month, plus it also offers the only affordable unlimited cloud storage via the team plans.

The cheapest cloud storage If you only need to pay for two users, you can get it for $15 per user per month.

If you want to pay for it by yourself, it’ll only cost you 30 dollars per month, but you can also split the bill with a friend or family member since you get two user accounts for the price.’s free plan is just five gigabytes, which isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to try out the service. If speed is really crucial to you, we wouldn’t recommend

Instead, you could go for a faster service like pcloud or Google drive. It’s also not the best-looking service, to be honest, and if you’re using the latest MacBook, it might look a bit out of place, you know, in this sleek interface of the Macintosh world.

So who is for? Well, If data security and privacy are your number one concerns, then look no further because you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more secure and stable service at this price point.

But if you care about speed and aesthetics, well, you might want to take a look at the next service on this list.

best cloud storage for personal use: pcloud

Cloud Storage Providers, best cloud storage for business,
Cloud Storage Providers, best cloud storage for business,

best cloud storage for personal use: For now, depending on your needs, the top spot could really be a toss-up between and pcloud.

In our mind, the services are really close even though they have very obvious differences, but pclouds has its own unique set of advantages. For one, it has a surprisingly capable media player.

In fact, its music player even lets you make playlists and can sort your music by artist or album. But more impressive to me is the video player, which lets you change the playback speed for videos as YouTube does.

I’m used to watching videos at 1.5 speed, as I’m sure a lot of you do, so this is a bit of a godsend for me.

P Cloud also has one feature that I personally can’t live without and that’s the network drive.

This essentially lets you attach your cloud storage as an extra drive on your computer. You can access that drive directly from your windows explorer or mac finder just like it was a physical hard drive.

You can just dump your files under there and it’ll upload them to the cloud.

And most importantly, those files will no longer take up space on your computer. You’re essentially expanding your laptop storage by two terabytes, with the only downside being that you have to be online to access those files, but really, when are you not online these days? At the very least, pcloud respects your privacy.

You can store your files on its European service, which protects you from better privacy laws such as GDPR and also makes the service faster for European users.

And p cloud is pretty darn fast; it’s one of the fastest cloud storage services we’ve tested, especially for downloads.

that’s a core consideration for you, you really won’t regret getting pcloud. Price-wise, it’s around the same price. But there’s a bit of a catch here. You don’t get zero-knowledge built-in and you have to pay extra for it.

Something like four dollars a month. You also get those lifetime plans we mentioned. You also get a choice of bundling that with the zero-knowledge add-on.

So if your heart is set on pcloud, it lets you pay a lump sum for permanent access to your cloud storage. There’s also a 10-gigabyte free plan that you can use to try out the service.

best cloud storage for photos, Ice Drive

Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business,
Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud Storage for Business,

We’re always happy to see movement on the cloud storage scene. best cloud storage for photos, Ice Drive has made quite a splash for such a young service,

and believe me, we’re constantly bombarded with emails from new cloud services claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread, and almost always, after a couple of months, they go boss.

Icedrive has fought that uphill battle, and it seems to be well on its way to becoming a great cloud storage service.

To be sure, it still has some kinks to work out, but it still makes a solid alternative if neither nor P. Cloud immediately hit the sweet spot for you.

I strive simply to look gorgeous. It’s clear the design team knew what they were doing, and the user experience is nice and smooth, and intuitive.

Icedrive also has a network drive feature that I like and that helps me save hard drive space. However, it is only available for Windows.

I do most of my work on a Macbook, so it’s not quite right for me, but your mileage may vary.

Of course, it’s also super fast and got the best upload results out of all the services in our speed testing.

Another thing is that icedrive is really dedicated to user privacy and security. It comes with zero-knowledge encryption out of the box, so you don’t have to pay for it like with pcloud now.

Zero-knowledge is not available on the free plan, but thankfully, I strive has some pretty cheap cloud storage plans.

It’s not as cheap as those scammy services that give you, I don’t know, 10 terabytes for a dollar and then lose all your data, but it’s really affordable enough to be worth considering. It’s worth about as much as pcloud.

It doesn’t have a two terabyte plan for a direct comparison, but it’s a one terabyte plan for just over four dollars a month, and keep in mind that zero-knowledge is included in that price.

It’s a 10-gigabyte free plan that can help you make your mind up about these services. Ice Drive also has a lifetime plan, which is probably its best deal.

However, when it comes to these long-term investments, it’s probably better to go with a more experienced service.

For example, we’ve received numerous complaints from viewers and readers on our website that Ice Drive custom support has recently It’s gotten a little worse; they used to respond in a couple of hours tops, but as the user base has grown, Ishtar hasn’t been able to scale up its support team.

cloud storage for business, Dropbox

Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business,
Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud Storage for Business,

So we come to the granddaddy of cloud storage. As I said, the network drive works well, and it’s really fast as well. Dropbox provides cloud storage for businesses.

One thing I have against Dropbox is that it uses a sync folder to sync your files, which means you could duplicate files on your computer. As I said, I much prefer the network drive, but Dropbox Mates makes the pill a little easier to swallow.

With space-saving features like smart sync, you basically get to choose which files or folders to make online only. They’ll still appear on your computer as icons, but they won’t take up space and they’ll download if you click on them.

It’s not as elegant as a simple network drive, but it’s better than nothing compared to Even though it’s my favorite service, it doesn’t really have an answer to Dropbox’s smart syncing.

It also integrates into pretty much every other kind of software you can think of. You can set up Zapier automation and it works with both Google workspace and Microsoft office.

The integration is obviously not as seamless as, say, Google Drive’s integration with Docs, but it’s nice to have the option; you’re not limited to one or the other, so who’s Dropbox for, I’d say, if you need all those iterations? If you have some kind of crucial software that only integrates with Dropbox, then it’s certainly newbie-friendly, pretty much grandma-proof that it really just works.

And even if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, well, it just works out of a box. However, it’s a bit more expensive than my top choices, and remember it’s a frequent target for hackers and some of those attacks have been successful in the past.

Plus, its free plan is only two gigabytes and has most of the really useful features disabled, so Google Drive might be a better option for free users.

free cloud storage: Google Drive

Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business,
Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud Storage for Business,

So let’s start with Google Drive. Now honestly, our team relies heavily on Google Drive. We publish over a dozen articles every day across our websites, including the cloud words websites, and Google Drive plays a big part in that.

That’s mostly thanks to its tight integration with the Google workspace suite, though you might remember it as the g suite.

This includes Google docs, sheets, and slides, which we all use to write our articles. Google Drive lets you create documents right from the cloud interface, share them with other users, set permission levels, and all sorts of other useful things that we just can’t do without. And the best part is that all of this comes free.

You can use all of Google’s apps at no cost at all and you get a pretty generous 15 gigabytes of free cloud storage on Google drive. Would I recommend the paid plans? Well, I wouldn’t really only ever use Google Drive for document editing and that’s not something that consumes a lot of storage.

I keep most of my data on secure services like and pcloud and advise you to do the same. One of the main reasons I wouldn’t recommend Google Drive is because its sync client is, frankly, bugs out and forgets the sync files.

To make matters worse, Google decided to upgrade the sync client last year and added a network drive, but that ended up making it pretty much unusable.

It’s just not reliable enough for me to recommend it. If you recall from the beginning of the post, I called out file syncing as one of the core uses of a cloud service.

If a service doesn’t do that reliably, then it’s not something I can ever recommend in good conscience.

Microsoft cloud storage: Onedrive

Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business,
Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud Storage for Business,

Microsoft cloud storage: Onedrive is a unique service. It’s not the best at anything, but it does have a few advantages. Most notably, it comes pre-installed on Windows and integrates well with Microsoft’s ecosystem of apps.

Also, anyone with a Windows device who doesn’t like installing extra cloud software will probably benefit the most from OneDrive.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using OneDrive for the same reason. In our testing, it just doesn’t handle large files well and lots of soft files because it slows you down.

You get five gigabits free and if you only need to edit office docs, that should serve you decently, but I wouldn’t bother upgrading to the paid plans unless you’re absolutely bent on going all-in on Microsoft.

(Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business,)

It doesn’t have the best security either. In fact, up until a couple of years ago I didn’t have any kind of encryption whatsoever, and that speaks a lot about its dedication to privacy, so if you need that office integration, I’d strongly urge you to go for or even dropbox if you need faster service.

We hope you have learned a lot about the benefits of cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business, If you want to know more about Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business, then the Cloud Storage Providers, Best Cloud  Storage for Business, -related FAQs given below can be read if you want to learn more.


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