itemtype="" itemscope> Ask Your Partner These 60+ Hot Sex Questions Tonight?

Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight:– We all understand that communication is key to preserving a good relationship, which includes healthy sex life. “Ongoing conversation enhances the understanding, deepens connection, and leads to hotter sex,” says sexologist Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., a sex and relationship specialist for Womanizer. You might be surprised to learn that all of that corresponding can be a ton of fun, particularly when discussing sex.

When we discuss the value of communication in relationships, it may occasionally sound like homework that {: gap {:kind:userinput}} must complete in order for your relationship to maintain a specific grade point average.

This will reveal that talking to your lover can—and should—be enjoyable. Additionally, it can be really hot when discussing sex. What is a simple way to start a conversation, release some pressure, and turn up the heat? Pose amusing sex queries to your partner about their preferences (and dislikes) and fantasies in bed.

The author of Becoming Cliterate and A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex, Laurie Mintz, Ph.D., a sex expert for Lelo, advises asking your partner intimate questions in order to learn knowledge that can improve your sex life. It will enable you to understand your partner’s erotic tastes and enable you to share them.

Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight
Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

A 20-question sexy game is a terrific way to open up larger discussions about limits, wants, and desires, in addition to making it simpler to start conversing. This is really vital information!)

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of not only what your spouse enjoys but also the reasons behind their interests in particular behaviors, desires, situations, and emotions, according to O’Reilly.

Additionally, while exchanging questions can undoubtedly strengthen your bond and, in turn, result in better sex, a brief Q&A session can essentially serve as foreplay in and of itself. Sometimes, discussing sex is nearly as appealing as engaging in it.

These sex questions are sure to get you thinking (and possibly more than *just* thinking, if you get our drift), whether you’re trying to sexually suss out a new partner, connect more intimately with a current one, or get you both into a sexier state of mind.

Table of Contents

1. Have you ever been in a trio?

Sure, you might say “yes” or “no” to this question, but let me assure you that it’s never that straightforward. Asking your partner this question can help you determine whether they have ever been in a threesome, are interested in doing so in the future, or have had a bad experience.

Inquiries like “How was that threesome initiated?” “Do you ever fantasize about having a threesome with me?” and “Do you favor MMF or FFM or FFF or MMM or what?” can be raised as a result.

2. Does voyeurism turn you on?

According to sexologist Jill McDevitt, Ph.D., of CalExotics, “voyeurism is obtaining sexual excitement from viewing others when they are naked or engaged in sex actions.” This may manifest as wanting to “see, but don’t touch” when your partner is taking a shower, loving watching them masturbate in front of you, wanting to see them with someone else, etc. You can determine if this is something you want to pursue with your partner in the future by finding out how they feel about it.

3. Does exhibitionism turn you on?

On to exhibitionism, which is voyeurism’s antithesis. “Exhibitionism is a sexual kink in which the person gets sexual excitement from the notion or reality of being seen naked or engaging in sexual acts by others,” clinical sexologist Sarah Melancon, sexuality and relationship expert for, previously told Cosmopolitan. There is a phrase for liking the spotlight or thriving off of your partner’s horniness, even if you weren’t aware of its existence. It’s also very common.

4. What are your hard boundaries?

Is there anything that you vehemently object to someone doing? This starts a constructive discussion regarding permission, which is essential before partaking in any form of hooking up.

If you’re unsure of what you might or might not be into, make a “Yes, No, Maybe” list on your own and compare the results with your spouse. These kinds of templates are excellent.

5. What’s the number one thing on your sexual bucket list?

This one gets right to the point! What is the one sexual act they would have to avoid if they only had a year to live? This inquiry can provide you some insight into what is likely one of their biggest desires right now, as well as make them consider why they haven’t done it yet and perhaps how the two of you can cross it off their list together.

6. What’s your opinion on monogamy versus open relationships?

Even while this isn’t a question about having sex per se, it’s still crucial to make sure that the person you’re hooking up with or want to hook up with understands. One relationship style may be more appealing to you than another, depending on what you’re searching for.

7. What do you think about incorporating sex toys into our sex routine?

What are their thoughts on it? Has anyone tried it before? What games did they play before? Which playthings would they prefer to utilize later? In this case, the inquiries truly never cease.

But let me be clear: sex devices are allies, not foes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a sex toy to help you climax during partnered sex, and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for doing so. Additionally, they’re a terrific way to break up the routine of sex in general.

8. Do you like it when I take charge?

This is a solid way to learn your partner’s wants, plus, it lets you tread gently into the submissive, dominant, switch conversation.

9. How do you want me to make you feel when I’m seducing you/initiating sex?

This may seem a little obvious—uh, they probably want to feel horny, duh—but there’s a lot more to feeling turned on than just, well, feeling turned on. According to O’Reilly, this question can help you and your partner better understand something called your “core erotic feeling.” Basically, this is the feeling that helps you most get in the mood for sex.

What do you need to feel turned on and in the mood? For some people, feeling safe is the key to feeling ready for sex. Others need to feel loved or romantically excited. Some people are most in the mood when they feel powerful, or desired.

“This erotic-emotional connection is often the most important element of seduction and getting in the mood for sex,” says O’Reilly. “Your core erotic feeling lays the groundwork for creating desire.”

10. How do you feel in your hottest fantasies?

It can be interesting to investigate how your spouse feels “at the moment” if you’ve identified the emotions that turn them on.

According to O’Reilly, “this question enables you to examine your increased erotic feelings—the emotions that enhance sexual enjoyment.” “Perhaps when you feel irresistible, you get very turned on.

Maybe the hedonistic high is when you feel submissive. Or perhaps you enjoy making people feel fearful or inferior? This is a great question to ask repeatedly because your enhanced erotic feelings can fluctuate at any time.

11. I’d like to start sexting you when I’m horny and miss you, would you be into that?

Some people are, some people aren’t, but it’s better to talk to your significant other about it than to send them a sexy text at 2:00 on a Monday without thinking about it first. Additionally, you can discuss if it is OK to sext one another at work or school.

12. I want to send you a nude photo, how do you feel about that?

This is related to the whole sexting issue. Ask your spouse whether they feel comfortable receiving or sending a nude photo before sending it.

Describe your expectations for them when they receive the naked photo if they are: Do you want it deleted right away? Do you consent to their saving it to their camera? Will you exclusively share nude photos on Snapchat?

13. How do you like touching yourself?

Who better than you knows how to win your favor? Therefore, getting to know your partner’s solo sex style is a terrific method to discover their preferences. Additionally, you can later apply those methods to them.

15. Thoughts on butt stuff?

Aside from establishing consent, asking this question can potentially take your and your partner’s sex life to a whole new level. (Like, hello, butt plugs.)

16. Who’s your dream celebrity fuck?

Talking about an unattainable fuck is a fun way to turn your partner on without all the dramatics of jealousy getting involved. If talking about Idris Elba turns them on, (hi, it’s me) why not use it to your advantage?

17. What’s your favorite time of day to have sex?

Ah, the age-old question: morning sex or night sex? But it’s a classic for a reason! People often have strong opinions about this one, and usually, some fun experiences to back them up.

Talking about these preferences can also help you figure out the best time to initiate sex with your partner, and help you two map out your ideal sexual schedule.

18. What’s your ideal role play scenario?

Asking your partner about role-playing could open up a whole new world of hot sex ideas for you two. Are they a professor-student type of person? A strangers-meet-at-the-bar type of person? Either way, discussing your role play fantasies can lead to legit fantasies coming true.

19. Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex?

Is it somewhere a little more low-stakes like a car? Or somewhere super risky like a movie theatre?

20. Do you like the way you taste?

I mean, personally, one of my favorite moves is when a guy puts a finger in me and makes me taste it afterward. Definitely getting turned on just thinking about it.

21. What type of porn do you like to watch?

“This will often give you insight into their fantasy themes and turn-ons without requiring them to create it for themselves,” says Stefani Goerlich, LMSW.

22. How would you feel about watching porn together?

ICYMI, watching porn together as a couple can be eye-opening in terms of learning and exploring what you both like and don’t like in bed. Swapping your evening Netflix routine for some more ~adult~ programming can open up the door to conversations about fantasies and boundaries, and those conversations all start with this question.

23. What’s the first video/kind of porn you would want to show me?

You show each other your favorite TV shows, so why wouldn’t you want to share your favorite porn? Chances are, your partner already has something in mind that they want to show you.

24. When do you feel your sexiest?

Whether it’s a wax and spa day or maybe when they’re showering, talking about their sexiest moments can put them in that moment. Plus, asking this can help you determine what times are best to initiate sex.

25. Thoughts on the dirty talk?

Before you jump right into calling someone (or yourself) “daddy,” it could be helpful to gauge how your partner feels about dirty talk. If they’re for it, this question could lead to some pretty hot rapport.

26. What goes through your mind as you masturbate?

Asking them this question also reveals what people concentrate on during partnered sex, according to Goerlich. Do they have a specific scenario in mind? Are they focusing on the sensations they’re having in their bodies? Do they have you on their mind? When you’re having sex with someone else, having knowledge of where their mind travels while they’re alone can be really helpful.

27. Do you see yourself as more dominant or submissive?

Even if you haven’t gone down the BDSM road, you can still talk about playing roles while in bed. If your partner tells you they’re more dominant or submissive, you can start incorporating that into sex. Alternately, change things up to keep things interesting.

28. What type of erotica do you like to read?

Books—including the dirty ones—will tell you literally everything you need to know about someone.

29. What makes you feel good?

Asking about what evokes a specific physical response in them, instead of about what kind of specific activities they enjoy, opens up lots of doors to exploring new ways to elicit that same reaction in the future,” says Goerlich.

30. What’s your favorite sex memory of us?

If you’ve had sex with this person already, relieving some of your best sex moments can put both you and your partner in a sexy mood. Was it the time you snuck away from a family event for a quick tryst? Or was it the time you both woke up ready for some morning sex? In any case, even talking about it can get you two hot.

31. What’s your favorite sex memory that doesn’t include me?

Listen, if you know you’re not going to enjoy hearing about the great sex your partner had with someone who isn’t you, then go ahead and skip this one.

There is no need to invite unnecessary jealousy and drama into the chat! But if you are game to get into the hot and heavy details of your partner’s sexual past (or present, if you’re non-monogamous), this can be a great way to learn more about what turns them on, and maybe pick up a few tips along the way.

32. Do you want to try a new position?

There’s nothing like trying something new to add a layer of sexiness to your next romp. If you’ve exhausted doggy style, you can always try something totally different. Might any of these positions work?

33: What songs are on your sex playlist?

This question will give you an idea of what type of music your partner likes to get up to. You can also steal these answers for the next sex playlist you make for the both of you.

34. Do you like it when I take you deeply or when you take me deeply?

“For anyone that likes penetration, this is a great way to step into your pleasure,” Stewart says.

“Not only does this question give you and your lover a visual, but it helps foster daydreams that get your imagination flowing about what you can do when your (or your lover’s) legs or ass are spread open.”

35. What’s your favorite place to be kissed?

Talking about sexual preferences can be a great way to figure out instructions for yourself in bed. If they say they like to be kissed on their neck, kiss them on the neck…

36. What’s your favorite sex toy?

Whether it’s a solo toy or something to use together, learning about what sex toys your partner likes can help you two figure out ways to incorporate them into sex together.

37. How does this feel? Is this okay?

“It’s important to not only establish consent but also to check in with your partner for feedback,” says Rowntree.

You should definitely encourage [them] to share the things they enjoy with you and frame it in a positive light with the possibility of reciprocity. This way, you can go beyond mere consent and open yourselves up to greater transparency and trust as you learn what your partner enjoys. “

38. What’s one sex act you wish you could do again for the first time?

Generally speaking, sex tends to get better the more we do it. But sometimes, there’s just nothing like the thrill of a sexual first.

Unlocking some super sexy memories about how hot it was the first time your partner tried anal (or had a threesome or used a sex toy, etc.) can lead to hours of erotic reminiscing.

39. What’s one sex act you never want to do again?

We all have our one-and-done sex acts that we fall for the first time we see them. Not only can knowing your partner’s biggest been-there-done-that-never-again sexual experience introduce you to some of their boundaries, but it can also help you understand why they don’t like the things they’re not into.

40. Who would be in your perfect orgy?

What better way to spend a lazy day in bed than drafting your dream orgy together as a couple?

41. How many people would you feel comfortable having sex with at once?

Speaking of orgies, how does your partner really feel about group sex? For some people, three’s a crowd. For others, the limit does not exist.

42. Would you ever make a sex tape?

FWIW, this doesn’t mean you have to make one. But the idea of being filmed (for your eyes only, of course) can be a real turn-on for some people. Talking about what you’d include in your sex tape might even put you two in the mood to make one.

43. What’s your favorite place to have sex?

Maybe it’s the shower, the couch, or on the beach. Either way, talking about your favorite sex spots can show you where your partner feels most comfortable getting it on.

44. Do you like being spanked?

Some people like it rough and some people don’t, but you won’t know your partner’s preferences until you ask. Even if you think it is something they’re into, you should always check with them before.

45. Do you prefer giving head or getting head?

Some people are natural givers and some people are natural receivers. Both are okay. But talking about which your partner prefers can help you learn where they stand on the topic of oral sex in general.

46. Do you like it when I touch you there?

Provided that you already have established [consent], saying this sentence in a low, soft, deep tone, while you gracefully trace their genitals, is a great question to ask,” Stewart advises. “It’s seductive and it implies that you want to move forward to something that involves the body part that you are referring to.”

47. What’s been your hottest sex dream?

When you talk about sex dreams, you can not only learn about your partner’s subconscious sex fantasies, but you can make those dreams a reality. Just don’t get jealous if the dream is about someone or something else.

48. Who is your favorite character, and why?

We all have our fictional crushes, and sharing them can be a low-pressure way to find out more about what someone is into—especially for people who may feel nervous talking about sex that doesn’t involve their partner.

“Talking about a fictional third party can provide a glimpse into what excites you,” says O’Reilly. “If you discuss what draws you to a character on television or in a novel, you can offer your partner new insights on how they can tease, excite, seduce, and pleasure you.”

49. What part of your body is craving more attention?

In case you haven’t heard, basically, any body part can be an erogenous zone. And, as ob-gyn Constants Adams, MD, previously told Cosmopolitan, new ones can pop up all the time. It’s never a bad time to check in with your partner about any new hot spots that could be in need of a little TLC.

More 60+ Hot Sex Questions to Ask Your Partner Tonight

51. What words and phrases make you feel good?

Yes, the nasty conversation can be really hot, I grant you. However, the definition of excellent dirty language varies greatly from person to person. Sharing specific words and phrases that make you feel attracted to or repellent can help your partner entice your auditory side, advises O’Reilly. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

52. What words and phrases irritate you the most?

By the same token, what is ick to one individual is OMG yes to another. Once more, see “Daddy.” Even though you could find it quite attractive, it might actually kill your mood. It’s best to call beforehand before casually saying, “Yes, Chef.” Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

56. Do you like what you see, number?

This is a good question to pose since, ideally, the response is obvious. According to Marla Renee Stewart, a specialist for the Lovers sexual wellness brand, “it prompts a response that is easy to repeat and doesn’t take much thought about.” ” You don’t want to think too much since you want to be in the moment and, more importantly, consider the pleasure that your body will experience. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

53. What’s a kink you’ve always wanted to try, but were too afraid to?

According to Goerlich, “the more prohibited something is, the more probable it is to turn us on.” “People frequently feel guilty about their imaginations since they are rarely politically correct. By phrasing the question in this way, you can learn about their perhaps immoral fantasies while also giving them the security of knowing that it is only a fantasy.
Oh, and just for the record, if it makes you happy and is carried out consensually, nothing is “taboo” or off limits. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

54. What about your first sexual encounter do you recall the most?

It goes without saying that you should always use caution when enquiring about someone’s sexual history. However, because early sexual experiences may be so formative, talking about them can strengthen your relationship and teach you a lot about how you developed into your current sexual selves. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

55. Do you appreciate it when I take the initiative or do you prefer to initiate?

Depending on the vibe, some of us are natural initiators, others of us just want to be pursued, and some of us want to mix it up! Knowing your partner’s preferences is obviously critical to creating a compatible sexual relationship. Having said that, you shouldn’t ever assume your partner has a single predilection. Although they would prefer to start things off, lately they have been asking for your leadership. If you don’t ask, you might not find out! Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

56. What’s the most underrated sex position?

My fellow missionary apologists to the front, please! It’s no secret that certain sex positions tend to get a bad rap as boring or unnecessarily difficult or whatever, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fans! Invite your partner to give an impassioned defense of their unfairly maligned fav and let the debate begin. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

57. What sexual position is the most overrated?

Everybody has that one position that, despite what everyone else appears to think, doesn’t quite work for them. (Cough canine. Not sorry at all.) These inquiries are much more entertaining than the typical “What is your favorite/least favorite position?” since they encourage openness (you’re literally encouraging them to go against the grain here), and, yes, perhaps even some constructive disagreement. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

58. What is one item you never expected to like but now find yourself drawn to?

Previously, I believed that I would never desire to give a blow job, my friends. Fair enough, I was probably eleven. However, suffice it to say that I’ve since had a change of heart. Our sexual preferences, limits, and turn-ons change with time. You can access that evolution by inquiring about something that was previously a definite no but has since evolved into a yes (or even just a maybe!). Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

59. Which sexual scene in a movie or television program is your favorite?

In certain cases, sex scenes from movies or television shows are superior to porn. (Hello, obviously I’m referring to Bridgerton.) Allow your favorite big-screen hotties to get you in the mood for a steamy movie marathon or perhaps some Regency-era role-playing. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

60Are you familiar with sex clubs and parties?

Back in the day, sex clubs may have been extremely private, underground gatherings, but nowadays, the sex party scene is essentially mainstream. There is a non-zero chance that your spouse has attended one, and even if they haven’t, now is a good time to find out whether they have any interest in doing so in the future. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

61. What sexual skill do you think you’ve improved on?

There is always room to get better! There are many different sorts of sexual skills—physical and otherwise—that we’re continually honing, whether it’s mastering a particular sex act, getting better at feeling centered in our bodies, or practicing enthusiastic consent. Why not offer your partner a chance to acknowledge their accomplishments? Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

62. What sexual experience would you like to have again?

Once more, if you’re the jealous type, this is not a good question. A little reminiscing can be hot for you both, though, if you’re willing to hear about a particularly hot sexual encounter from their past that may or may not include you. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

Why do you think you’re so wonderful in bed?

Let them flex a little if you want to. You can tell them all day long how wonderful they are in bed, but every now and then, we all appreciate a little space to compliment ourselves. Not to add, knowing what makes your partner feel most secure in bed might help you figure out how to approach them. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

When do you feel most secure in your sexuality?

What can I do to help you?
Furthermore, having confidence is a fantastic asset in the bedroom. Having said that, O’Reilly asserts that “it’s not your obligation to ensure that your spouse feels confident.” But if you can participate in the constructive process, you’ll probably both get more of what you desire in terms of intimacy, pleasure, and sex. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight

What characterizes excellent sex?

I’m sorry to break it to you, but there isn’t a single, tried-and-true recipe for successful sex. For some folks, enthusiasm is everything. Others believe that excellent sex cannot exist without an emotional connection, and yet others believe that success in sex depends entirely on hitting the big finale, if you see what I mean. Read more… Ask your partner these 60+ hot sex questions tonight