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All songs included in Blackpink’s “Born Pink” have received critical acclaim

All songs included in Blackpink’s “Born Pink” have received critical acclaim:- Throughout their second full-length, the K-pop supernovas highlight their vocals, bite back at haters, and flex over their most innovative productions to date. 

About two years after the young K-pop group released their 2020 debut album, The Album, it was this summer that Black Pink returned with a new album for the first time.

Soon, Jisoo, Jenny, Rose, and Lisa will be making headlines among music fans around the world about what kind of music they’re releasing this time around.

After releasing the Billboard Global 200-topping “Pink Venom,” as well as the buzz track “Ready for Love,” BLACKPINK has finally come back in full with their second full-length record Born Pink.

Just like The Album, the newly released Born Pink consists of eight tracks that feature the members singing and rapping in both English and Korean, with this new LP boasting four songs fully in English, pointing to their ambitions to break language barriers further.

The record also includes a range of sounds, including traditional Korean instruments, 19th-century classical music, and vintage synthesizer work, all mixed into BLACKPINK’s blend of today’s pop and hip-hop trends.

During a press conference ahead of the release of “Pink Venom,” the BP members spoke excitedly about their new material and their dedication to each track.

“We have really focused on our new songs,” Rosé said with Lisa echoing her excitement, adding that “All our songs are really good.”
Now, BLINKs and music fans worldwide can get into all of the new BLACKPINK material with the arrival of Born Pink.

Led by the new single “Shut Down” and boasting songwriting contributions from Jisoo and Rosé, the new LP stands firm in the group’s already untouchable discography.

But which songs stand out the most? Check out our ranking of every song off of BLACKPINK’s Born Pink below.

8. “Ready for Love” blackpink born pink songs,

"Ready for Love" blackpink born pink songs,
All songs included in Blackpink’s “Born Pink” have received critical acclaim

The fact that BLINK already heard this song at BLACKPINK’s virtual PUBG Mobile concert nearly two months ago gives the lowest rating, but we love the production throughout the dance-pop. 

Still, we know girls aren’t limited to “Ready for Love” shows.

Listen up for… Rosé’s dreamy opening and a standout rap verse from Lisa.

Watch the music video here

7. “Typa Girl” blackpink songs

Typa Gir Blackpink Songs
All songs included in Blackpink’s “Born Pink” have received critical acclaim

“Typa Girl” fits right alongside BLACKPINK’s hip-hop-focused singles “Shut Down” and It was the “Pink Venom” of its time, but not as powerful as the aforementioned one that boasted the band’s newest work to date.

Instead, what’s happening here is some of the coolest lines to date. “I bring cash to the table, not your dinner/my body and my bank account know it,” Jennie purrs in the first verse.

6. blackpink hard to love,

blackpink hard to love,
blackpink hard to love,

We wouldn’t hold it against you if you needed a second listen to this one to ensure you didn’t mishear anything. Although recognized as BLACKPINK,

“Hard to Love” features a beautiful light that interrupts the end of the Rosé singer’s solo where her voice can prevail.

The top two singles, “On the Ground” and “Gone,” released last year, show his true ability to sing, raising expectations for his next solo album.

Listen up for… Rosé’s raw and almost sad delivery plays right into the song’s theme to show the physical appeal of real problems: You can’t see the problems, I got them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s true/I can make it look like heaven/But I swear I’m no saint/And you won’t see the truth/’Cause I’ll be kissing it away. “

5. blackpink shut down

blackpink shut down,
blackpink shut down,

Six years into their career, the ever-innovative BLACKPINK knew they had to deliver something that would dazzle their ever-expanding and demanding fan base.

Incorporating classical music — specifically parts of “La Campanella” by 19th-century composers Franz Liszt and Niccolo Paganini — into their hip-hop vibe makes for one of their most exciting and instantly gratifying products.

The repetitive short lyrics keep it from being one of Born Pink’s standout songs, but these unexpected sonic surprises are K-pop, and BLACKPINK remains a leader whose next move is unpredictable.

Equally satisfying is the group’s response to their haters. “Pray for my fall, many have tried, baby” before Jennie exclaims, “a bunch of wannabes wannabe me, I’m three when I’m you” in her rap.

Listen up for… The moment the beat smacks into the violin opening. But also Jennie’s wordplay.

Watch the music video here.

4. blackpink tally lyrics,

blackpink tally lyrics,
blackpink tally lyrics,

BLACKPINK at their most savage: “Tally” lets all four members lash out with the expletives across the sparse, English hip-hop cut.

Rosé opens up with the chorus, “I say f–k it when I feel it / Because no one’s holding back/I do what I want, with who I want/I won’t hide it, “which feels a little revolutionary in the often safe K-pop.

Jennie later followed up with, “Sometimes I like to play a dirty game/Like all the f–king boys/That’s my choice,” speaking in contrast to the pervasive double standard faced by the female group as a whole.

But the best moment of the song has to come from the lyrics first expressed by Jisoo: “My body doesn’t belong to any of them/And I won’t change because you say so,” which is quite a revolutionary pop lyric in K-pop, given the intense focus on looks and the body. Her beauty is for no one’s happiness but her own.

Listen up for… Every. Single. Expletive. From. Each. Member.

3. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” blackpink songs,

Yeah Yeah Yeah blackpink songs,
Yeah Yeah Yeah blackpink songs,

One of the most anticipated tracks for Born Pink, with members Jisoo and Rosé as co-writers, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” feels like a brighter follow-up to “Playing With Fire” with touches of classic synth sounds while dealing with doubts, but finally free to love.

This time, BLACKPINK kept their heads straight (translated lyrics include: “What is this again?” I don’t know myself…

Why did you come? But, in the end, I want to fall in love with “just say yes, yes, yes.” The bouncy, soaring dance breakdown of the chorus makes us expect this to be a real highlight when the girls get it on tour.

After first practicing her songwriting skills on “Lovesick Girls” for the album, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” is BLACKPINK‘s second song written by Jisoo, with both songs featuring a more complex take on typical love songs.

We want to hear more from songstress Jisoo and expect what she writes for her upcoming solo project to be just as dynamic.

Listen up for… That undeniable dance breakdown in the chorus.

2. the happiest girl blackpink,

the happiest girl blackpink,
the happiest girl blackpink,

A big reason why fans are clamoring for longer projects from BLACKPINK is that the LP gives them a chance to showcase new genres and singing styles. On the 2020 album, Cardi B’s sassy “Bet You Wanna” lets each member try out new vocal textures, while closer “You Never Know” talks about BP’s wild experiences with mega-fame. The all-English piano ballad “The Happiest Girl” (co-written by pop star duo Teddy Sinclair and Willy Moon) is one of Born Pink’s songs, giving the members perfect vocals. While we know that Jisoo has a great hollow voice, it seems to be a new weakness. Not to mention Lisa, who usually handles the raps on BP tracks, sings beautifully with an adult, steady delivery, proving that BLACKPINK is truly an all-around entertainer.

Listen up for… Lisa beautifully singing through the chorus. Our little maknae is all grown up… *sniff*

1. “Pink Venom” blackpink members,

Pink Venom, blackpink members,
Pink Venom, blackpink members,

The K-pop phenomenon’s comeback single “Pink Venom” opens with what sounds like a playground, giving the pop scene fair warning that the princess of K-pop is on her way. 

Just as “Black” and “Pink” together represent the group’s overall range, the title “Pink Venom” also brings to mind two contrasting images that could only be fit for an act like BLACKPINK.

The production also mixes hip-hop sounds with the traditional Korean instrumental geomung (played in the accompanying music video), making the quartet represent their country in many ways.

There’s a reason why “Pink Venom” has resonated around the world, including two weeks at #1 on the Billboard Global 200 and becoming BLACKPINK’s highest-grossing solo song on the Hot 100.

The song not only represents the group but also connects with people personally. all kinds of establishments around the world. Moreover, those who can endure the sound of “kicking the door/shaking here” in Jenny’s opening line

Listen up for… The blend of sounds, styles, and countries make this a truly global hit.

Watch the music video here.

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