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20 pivotal events in Lionel Messi’s career thus far


20 pivotal events in Lionel Messi’s career thus far
Lionel Messi joins Barcelona as a substitute late in the game to make his official league debut at the age of 17 years, 3 months, and 22 days.

vs Espanyol. He joined the club’s renowned La Masia program in 2000, transferring from Argentine side Newell’s Old Boys at the age of 13, and at the time he becomes the youngest player to represent the club in an official game.

At this point, it’s quite certain that Messi will  be leaving PSG at the end of this season. His
contract with the club expires in the summer and  it is highly unlikely that he’ll be renewing it.
And that is not so difficult to  believe because Messi has been
whistled and booed in PSG’s last  two home games despite being the
club’s second top scorer and the league’s  assist provider so far this season. Surely,
this is not a treatment Messi would like to  continue receiving from his own home fans.
Many have said that his and his Argentina  teammates’ banter about France since the
World Cup final have contributed  to the PSG fans’ treatment of him,
so it’s best if Messi just quits  playing in the country altogether.
For quite some time now, there have been rumors  that Messi will not be renewing his contract
with PSG, but those rumors have intensified  in the past couple of weeks. So, with the
main man set to leave PSG this summer, the big  question now is, what’s next for Lionel Messi?
Of course, the first name on the list  will always be Barcelona. Messi has
an obvious emotional connection with  the Catalan club for obvious reasons,
so if he’ll be leaving PSG, you would think that  Barcelona would be the first club he’d consider.
And in addition to him being  emotionally attached to the club,
it’s his good friend who’s now in charge  of the first team, and he seems to have
been doing well so far, so that’s extra  motivation for Messi to make a return.
And it looks like Barcelona also want him back  and are trying everything to make it work.
But then, their financial difficulties  could really come in the way of that
reunion. Even though they won’t have to  pay anything for Messi in the summer,
his wages might still pose a  huge problem for the Blaugranas.
Of course, Barcelona will be hoping to  fix that and get him back to the club,
but if they can’t, then Messi would  have to consider his other options.
And the first on the list of other  options will always be Man City.
The English giants have shown massive  interest in Messi in previous years,
and they’re the one team you know for  sure can afford to pay his hefty wages.
And remember, they’re being coached by Pep  Guardiola, someone with whom Messi has a great
relationship. So, if he’s free, best believe Pep  will be trying to get him again. That chase might
just be intensified if Pep fails to win a trophy  this season, so watch out for that one, guys.
Also, it’s looking like City might be  offloading this summer. The likes of
Gundogan and Bernardo Silva just might  be leaving the club, and who says they
can’t also give Mahrez the Jesus and Sterling  treatment if Messi gives the greenlight?
But City should not feel too comfortable  here. The battle is not just between them
and Barcelona. Inter Milan might just  have a few things to say about that.
Of course, the Italian giants are  nowhere close to being favorites
for Messi’s signature in the summer, but  they can try. They can also pay his wages
and can offer him a new challenge  in a country he has never been to.
On top of that, they also offer him the chance  to team up with his international teammates,
Lautaro Martinez and Joaquin Correa.
But we’ll be honest here, City still have the  upper hand here, because if Messi was told to
team up with either Lautaro or Alvarez, we all  know whom he’ll be choosing. Oh, and remember
Aguero has a statue outside the Etihad. He’ll be  in Messi’s ear all day telling him to choose City.
But then, Messi could just say goodbye  to Europe altogether. He can decide to
go to MLS. A couple teams there will  be more than happy to have him. Surely,
David Beckham and Inter Miami would be  happy to receive Messi with arms wide open.
And then, it’s the US, you know, there could be
some insane commercial opportunities for  the GOAT outside his wages from the club.
Also, there’s a little extra incentive  for Messi. It seems like he’ll be going
for the next World Cup with Argentina, so  he could go to the US now and start getting
used to the American weather and culture  for when the Albiceleste come in 2026.
Another really interesting option lovers of  football would like Messi to consider is going
to the Middle East and setting up the final Messi  vs Ronaldo battle. Even if it’s for a year or two,
watching Messi and Ronaldo go head-to-head  yet again in the twilight of their careers
in a completely different continent and  with a completely different caliber of
players would be so satisfying for football  lovers all over the world. Emotional, too.
Yes, many insist that the GOAT debate  is over, but one last dance won’t hurt
anybody now, would it? Also, we’re very sure  that a couple of those Middle Eastern clubs
can pay Messi’s wages. Perhaps even  twice what he currently earns at PSG.
And speaking of PSG, we actually should not  completely write them off, you know. Yes,
it’s seeming more and more likely that Messi  will leave France at the end of the season,
but we still have a couple of months until the transfer window opens, so a lot can still happen.
I mean, last summer we were all sure that  Mbappe would leave PSG for Real Madrid,
but the Parisian club was somehow able to keep him eventually. Let’s
see if they’ll be able to do the same with Messi.
Finally, one last option available to Lionel Messi is retirement. Yes, that’s a very emotional and
heart-wrenching thought for many fans around  the world, but hey, the man has won it all;
he has completed football, retirement might not be a very bad idea at this time.
Surely, a footballer of Messi’s stature should not have to be whistled by his
own home fans. He doesn’t have to deal with all of that at this
point in his career. He can simply just hang his boots and go and rest.
By the way, he’ll be 36 in the summer. He’s not getting any younger.
Left to us, we would actually love to see Messi keep going even into his 40s,
but we have to say that retirement is also an option.
But what option do you guys think Messi should go for? Should he remain at PSG for an extra
season? Reunite with Barcelona? Try a new challenge at City or Inter. Leave Europe?
Or just retire altogether? Let us know your recommendations for Messi in the comments.
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